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Inspired by Women, Made for Women!!


"As an ob/gyn in private practice for the last 16 years, I‘m excited to recommend Control to my patients because it is transdermal and site specific. You apply on where the pain is and pain goes away. I know that it works because I used it myself."

-Dr. Parmalee Thatcher – OB/GYN

"Control has literally been a life saver for me! This has been the only product that has helped relieve my menstrual cramp pain. When I start feeling cramps, I immediately apply a little amount of “control” on the area hurting, and within 5-10 minutes, my cramps have subsided. I would recommend this product to anyone who is suffering with cramps...give it a try, your body will thank you!"

-Lauren M.

"While playing tennis my partner complained that she couldn’t play anymore because she had such bad cramps. Gave her some control to rub on her tummy. After about one minute she said the cramps were gone and she was able to finish our match!"

-Loretta M. - Athlete

"CONTROL was the best thing for me. Right when I put it on, the pain went right away, and I was able to return to class so quickly! CONTROL is not like anything else I’ve ever used - it actually works!"

-Makenna S. – Student

"When I have my menstrual cramps Control is great! I just rub it where the pain is on my stomach and the pain goes away almost instantly. It's better than any pain pill, I love it!"

-Keandra S.

"Wow, I have never had a product relieve my cramps so fast! Highly recommended!"

-Courtney S

"When I’ve got period cramps, I’m out of the game. Thankfully, I found Control. I just rub it on and I’m good to go in seconds. Periods aren’t a problem for me anymore."

-Tessa T. – Soccer Player

"I don’t use any other product besides CONTROL for cramps. I use this in place of an oral medication and it works in seconds! Put it on like lotion and it creates a warm, tingly sensation that silences the cramps! Bearable and comforting! Smells great too! Can be used on other areas as well! Used it on some shoulder pain the other day. The best product! "

-Rachel M

"It worked within minutes. I finally have relief!!!"

-Kristin M